Lovely studio visit and lunch from the director and collections managers at the Deering Estate.

Artcare Miami had a great visit from the Deering Estate Director Jennifer Tisthammer, Historic Preservation and Curatorial Manager Bethany Gray, and assistant Francis Oliver. Rustin was able to return two boxes of long-lost glass autochromes to the Deering team, with the assistance of Laura Nemmers and John Nemmers, who remembered about them, Jessica Uelsman and Natasha Alexander from the Harn Museum who found them, and the co-operation of Holly Keris, chief curator at the Cummer Museum, who facilitated their storage while Rustin worked there.  Never say there is not multi-museum co-operation!!!

It was also a great opportunity to discuss their growing collection and our mutual interests in art conservation. We look forward to future collaborations with the Deering in the education and preservation of  South Florida’s History.