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Mural in Wynwood, Miami, Florida: Tristan Eaton, 'American Power'

Established in the 1980s, our Miami studio has grown to accommodate the rising art market that has flourished in Miami and Palm Beach. Our team in Miami services our clients in Latin America as well as Florida. Established as an industry-leading conservation studio, we receive complex conservation problems from around the world.

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Each of our three studios provides the same broad range of specialist conservation expertise and services. Let’s talk.

Blanka Kielb, conservator, examining a canvas painting

Collections Management

Cyclical maintenance / Condition reports / Environmental monitoring, humidity levels, light levels, temperature / Mold inspections / Insect inspections Liaising with art handlers and storage facilities / Working with insurance companies/ Collections database

During treatment photograph shows a partially-removed, discolored varnish layer on a painted portrait

Conservation Treatment

Structural treatment / Surface stabilization / Flattening treatment / Damage repair / Surface cleaning / Varnish removal / Mold and pest remediation De-installation and rolling of oversized paintings

Micrograph of cotton fibers under crossed polars

Technical Analysis

XRF / Polarizing microscopy / Radiocarbon dating / X-Ray digital imaging / Reflected infrared photography

Smoke clouds resulting from forest fire

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Condition reports prior to event / Condition assessments for insurance claims and loss adjustors / Overseeing the movement of artworks to and from safe storage

Sleeve of conservation tools next to a panel painting

Triage Treatments

Emergency treatments following damage by hurricane, fire, or other disaster / Extraction from disaster sites

Conservation materials, including pigments, wax-resin, solvents and a magnifying loop

Conservation Consultancy

CAP services / Pre-purchase consultations / Consultation for lenders/borrowers / Condition Reports / Lecture series

ArtCare Conservators on a scissor lift applying a tissue facing to a large mural in Tampa

Project Management

Large-scale conservation projects / Managing extensive, multi-discipline collections

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Working with Institutions

Meet the team

Our accumulated knowledge across a range of disciplines means we are able to take care of even the most challenging and complex projects.

Oliver Watkiss ACR

CEO/Director, Partner

Veronica Romero PA

Director of Conservation, Partner

Kelly O’Neill MAC, PA

Director NY, Partner

Javier Hernandez BFA

Managing Director, Partner

Blanka Kielb MAC

Director LA

Blair Bailey MA, PA

Paintings Conservator

Bitzy Couling MAC

Paintings Conservator & Laboratory Analyst

Rustin Levenson


Michael Fernandez MFA

Studio Manager

Maija Brennan BA

Studio Administrator

Dafne Ozuna BFA

Conservation Technician

Lindsey Morris MA

Paintings Conservator​

Sarah Linder MA

Paintings Conservator

Olivia Torres-Fields BA

Pre-Program Conservation Technician & Administrative Assistant

Alessandra Caruso AA

Pre-Program Conservation Intern

Michael Fernandez, Assistant Studio Manager of ArtCare Conservation

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If you’d like to discuss a project or you wish to speak with one of the experts in our Miami team, please get in touch with Javier Hernandez who will be very pleased to help.

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We’re located in three of America’s greatest’s cities. Each studio provides the same broad range of expertise and services. Let’s talk.

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