It is highly advised that you consult with a conservator before acquiring new art pieces. Our team of professionals can provide you with valuable information before purchasing a new addition to your collection. Specialists evaluate the painting, checking for past treatments, and provide you with a condition report for future reference. Technical examination of paintings includes chemical or microscopic analysis as well as ultraviolet fluorescence and infrared photography. Inquire about installation, framing, and storage environments. Collections care and assessments are also available and encouraged. Yearly painting evaluations can prevent emergency treatment necessity and prolong the longevity of your artwork.

Our company actively participates in conservation education, training, publication, research, and lecturing; hosting interns and visiting conservators from around the world; hosting advanced seminars and workshops; presentations at professional meetings; and lectures to interested community groups. Please look on our Publications page for additional material or contact us.

Our Specialties

Painting Conservation and Collection Services

– Treatment of Paintings from 14th to the 21st Centuries

– Emergency Treatment for Damaged Paintings

– Mural and Large Format Works

– Insurance Claims

Pre-Purchase Consultation

– Determination of Condition and Extent of Past Treatment

– Condition Assessment and Treatment Proposals

– Storage and Travel Recommendations

– Consultation with Packers and Shippers

Artist Consultation

– Technical and Material Advice

– Support and Structure Recommendations

– Coordinate Registration and Transit of Collection

– Installation, Light, Framing or Prep for Travel