Seeing Through Paintings by Andrea Kirsh & Rustin S. Levenson

This prize-winning book offers the only comprehensive discussion available on materials, techniques, and condition issues in Western easel paintings from medieval times to the present.

Selected by Choice as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2000.
Winner of the College Art Association and Heritage Preservation joint award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation.

The Expert Versus the Object. Edited by Ronald Spencer with chapters by Rustin Levenson on “Examining the Techniques and Materials of Paintings.”

“The authenticity of visual art has always commanded the attention of experts, dealers, collectors, and the art-minded public. Is it ‘real’ or ‘original’ is a way of asking what am I buying? What do I own? What am I looking at? And today more sophisticated questions are being asked: How is authenticity determined and what weight does this determination have in court? This book of essays proposes to answer those questions.”

Conservation of Easel Paintings. Edited by Joyce Hill Stoner and Rebecca Rushfield with chapters by Rustin Levenson.

“the first comprehensive text on the history, philosophy, and methods of treatment of easel paintings that combines both theory with practice. With contributions from an international group of experts and interviews with important artists, this volume provides an all-encompassing guide to necessary background knowledge in technical art history, artists’ materials, scientific methods of examination and documentation .. .”